30 People with Pride: Strutt Hurley, Volunteer Extraordinaire

Published in QVegas issue May 2008

QVegas May imageStrutt Hurley came to Las Vegas 15 years ago with hopes of bringing something new and fresh to the Vegas scene and the LGBT community. That new and fresh thing was Strutt Hurley herself.

Upon moving here, Hurley started working with Pride. She became their Director of Entertainment and has been involved with nearly every event and every organization since.

“I will always be active in the community. Whether I am answering questions for organizations  or running events, it is important to me to be a part of it,” Hurley said.

In addition to her work with Pride, Hurley has devoted time to work with Reach Out, Nevada Gay Rodeo Association (NGRA), and Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN) as well as many other organizations, events and productions. She has helped with everything from fundraisers to donation drives.

She was involved in organizing the Black and White Party, the Boa Ball and helped take AFAN from small backyard barbecues to what it is today. Although she has done many great things for the community, Hurley’s greatest achievement was bringing Cyndi Lauper, as Grand Marshall, to the Pride event in 1997.

Although Hurley is not active on any local committees right now, she is always willing to help. “I don’t have to be on a committee to [help],” Hurley said. “There is not a day that goes by when I am not contacted about staging or contacts. I’ve always been somewhat of a community liaison.”

Over the past 15 years, Hurley has tried to help as much as she could with as many organizations as she could. She feels that there are some weaknesses in the Las Vegas LGBT community, but she is passionate about the future.

“I believe the most important thing we can all do to unify and grow as a community is for us all to support one another publicly, every chance we get, not only in terms of the events each organization hosts, but in our words and actions every day,” Hurley said. “The development of a unified, healthy and growing GLBT community here in Vegas hinges on our ability as individuals and as organizations to resist the urge to undercut others and attract participation and positive recognition for our community by celebrating each other, those who are making a difference now, and especially those who helped pave the way.”

After more than a decade of participating in nearly every fundraising event this city has offered, Hurley’s new and fresh ideas and hard work were honored at the Las Vegas Museum of Art, where she was named one of 100 Women who helped shape the city of Las Vegas.

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