More Than a Tease

Published in Vegas Seven Wednesday, December 22th, 2011

This British beauty is a showgirl and a teacher

Hometown: Warrington, England.

Occupation: Dancer in Luxor’s female revue, Fantasy: The Strip’s Biggest Tease.

Calendar girl: Gittins is also Miss June in The Ultimate Fantasy Calendar.

On becoming a Strip showgirl: Gittins has taught ballet and jazz, danced in Europe, played the cruise-ship circuit and even shimmied in a New Orleans topless revue. But she never thought she’d find work in Las Vegas. “Typically you have to be 6 feet tall and dead skinny,” Gittins says about the stereotypical requirement for a Strip dancer. “I’m 5-foot-6 with an ass and curves.” But when she saw an ad for a 5-foot-6 dancer in Fantasy, Gittins auditioned. And she’s been there ever since, not only dancing six nights a week, but also managing the show as the dance captain, company manager and instructor of two Laura Croft Night School 4 Girls classes a week.

Favorite part: “It’s fun to come to work and put on the makeup and be glamorous. But it’s nice to be low-key during the day and be kind of normal. I’m a Libra, so I like the best of both worlds. I like that balance.”


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